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Congratulation the success of relocation of PINCHENG PLASTICS.

PINCHENG PLASTICS has moved to the new plant in May,2010. And relocation showed that PINCHENG PLASTICS have entered a new era.
  From May 23rd 2010 to May 26th 2010, PINCHENG PLASTICS moved to the new plant with the address of NO.777, Songhua Rd, Shanghai. The work of moving is going on smoothly. The board of director delivered the warm congratulations and appreciated the staff’s effort for the moving.

  PINCHENG PLASTICS founded in 2005 and we keep the high developmental trend year by year.  In the five years, the company scale enlargedconstantly.  The former plant cannot meet the requirements of company’s development. So the board of director decided to move to the new plant.  The new plants’s area is up to 36,980 square meters, and there are two modern workshops. It is the standard plant with the office, productions and managements. We could improve the production capacity a lot than before. At the same time, we will offer the better quality and service for all the clients.    


  PINCHENG PLASTICS’s staff will unite together and creat the bright future. We will insist the concept of” Quality creat legend, Honest win futures” all the time. 




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