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Z-lock System Solid Sheet
  • Z-lock System Solid Sheet

  • Brand Name : Polyshine
  • Origin : Shang Hai
  • Packing : Both sides with protective PE film
  • Delivery Time : 4~10 Days


POLYSHINE Z-lock solid sheet takes the special free-floating structure of Z type connection, which could effectively improve the impact resistance from exterior force, reduce the load of building, and solve thermal expansion problem to make 100% waterproof function. It makes the roofing system covered all by Z-type PC Z-Lock solid sheets. In this way, you don’t need to use any screw, sealing rubber, which makes the installation easier and get excellent installation effect.

Application: Construction Industry, Carport, Curtain Wall, Daylighting Roof, Industrial Construction, Stadium, Awnings

Optional Functions: AAnti-glare VO Flame Retardancy Anti-Infrared Anti-static High-hardening Light Diffusion

Advantages: 100% waterproof design,High load capacity Easy to install, save labor cost, Without thermal expansion risks