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Universal solid sheet
  • Universal solid sheet

  • Brand Name : Polyshine
  • Origin : Shang Hai
  • Packing : Both sides with protective PE film
  • Delivery Time : 4~10 Days

Description Technical Features Main Application

Universal PC solid sheet is as clear as glass,but the density of PC is only half of glass.  And the PC solid sheet is with high impact resistance,which is also called " Unbreakable glass" . PC solid sheet is easy to be shaped with cold bending,equipment and heat synthesis processing accordingly, which used widely in all kinds of architecture,engineering and decoration etc.

1) Long service life time.
2) High transparence.
3) Easy to be machined with all kinds of requirements.

1) Thickness: 1.8mm—16mm
2) Width range:  <= 2,100mm
3) Length: Any dimension.
4) Color: Clear, blue, green, opal, brown, blue green etc.





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